Wellcome to the IN-SHAPE.com Fitness Application Platform

IN-SHAPE Application is created from the synergy of knowledge of IT and Fitness industry experts, with many years of experience.

The application contains a large number of various video training programs developed in cooperation with top experts in the fields of medicine, nutrition and fitness, and is constantly updated

The application is available via any device with the Internet access (mobile phones, tablets, PCs, smart TVs, etc.).

The training programs are designed in such a way that the user is completely professionally led through exercises, and is specified exactly what, how and when to do.

  • Consequently, the user is not on his own when selecting exercises and the structure of training
  • User is guided by videos, photographs and descriptions throughout each step.
  • Time and the number of repetitions of every exercise are measured, and the following exercises that should be performed are automatically displayed for the user.

In this way the user’s experience is almost the same as when visiting an exercise studio (or can be complement), and a workout can be done at any location whenever it suits the user.

Few words about Fitness Studio IN-SHAPE

Fitness Studio IN-SHAPE provides its clients with professional guidance and individual approach in a warm and modern space. Fitness Studio IN-SHAPE and offers customers two fully equipped gyms. We teach our clients to love and nurture their body and to achieve improvement in psychomotor performance through systematic and planned exercise, depending on their general motor skills. Within our professional team, alongside kinesiologists, there are also a physician and a psychotherapist in order to raise quality to a higher level. We invite you to experience the new dimension of recreational exercise under the guidance of top-quality kinesiology experts.

Lejla Dizdarević Brković, Master of Kinesiology in Education, Master of Organization and management (univ. spec. oec.), takes you through the application and advises you in future work.